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Jaso is a DJ/Producer, ready to unleash his unique style of house music that blends the hard pumping New York sound with a global flair.  Having grown up in a family that appreciated music, his father being a dance music aficionado, it was natural that Jaso would gravitate towards making music.  Born Jason Weissman, his first introduction to the sound that he would soon love was through hip house artists of the late 80’s such as Doug Lazy, Jungle Brothers and Twin Hype.  It was listening to these artists and later, early house remixers such as Todd Terry, that fueled his desire to be a part of this evolving scene and like so many producers it was through deejaying that Jaso got his start. 

Jaso’s first introduction to the power of the deejay was through the rave scene of the early 90’s.  He worked for Acme lighting, a company that installed the lighting for all the major raves of the mid Hudson region and it was through this job that he discovered this new and exciting little known world.  After immersing himself into this scene for some time he eventually graduated to the major New York dance floors of the nineties and it was at legendary clubs such as Sound Factory, Limelight, the Tunnel and Palladium that Jaso realized the effect a deejay had on the crowd and the magic behind the music.  Week after week, Jaso listened to some of the best deejays of New York weave together a story on the dancefloor for a musically savvy flock.  He knew that this was something he wanted to do and got his first break by working for the original Satellite records.  It was here that he was introduced to the different deejays and producers that were the driving force in the New York underground dance scene.  Later Jaso started deejaying gigs in such places as Rebar and the Tunnel; producing would naturally follow. 

Jaso cites as his major influences artists such as Junior Vasquez, Armand Van Helden, Danny Tenaglia and Dj Pierre.  Determined to follow in their footsteps, Jaso put together a studio from scratch and taught himself the craft of making a track.  His fastidious approach to the production aspect of music finally paid off when TKC music released his first record titled “The Essence”.  This track got major play and set the dancefloors of New York on fire.  Jaso continues to engross himself in the studio devoting his time and energy to creating the music that will be sure to move the crowds for many years to come.


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